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Monday, January 23, 2017

Brew date: 1/22/17


Adventures in Home-brewing Recipe 65-65-65-6.5

I was given the book Adventures in Home-brewing for Christmas. I looked through all the recipes and found one similar to the one I normally brew. So lets try one.

There was one hop substitution. For lack of Warrior, I chose Galena. Then, instead of 9.5 lbs of two row I went with 12 lbs. Stayed with the 1.5 lb of crystal malt and added 2 oz of black onyx. So you see, I can just do what is suggested. Unpossible. I have to make it my own.

One other thing I do. If the recipe calls for 1/2 oz of some hop, I go for the whole. I only work in whole oz in 2 or 3 varieties, as a rule.

So who knows what the secret code will be for this brew.

12 lb 2 row
1.5 lb crystal
2oz black onyx
1 oz Galena
1 oz Simcoe
1 oz  Amarillo (@7%)
US #5 yeast

Started with ~3.5 gal at 155deg F. Mash settled in around 135 for 1/2 hour.

Then Uncle Jim's mash tun valve developed a leak. So I quickly transferred all the contents of the spacious 10 gal tun to my old 5 gal tun. This only left me room to add another ~1-1/2 gal to bring me up to my 150 mark. I didn't measure the final temp because at this point I didn't care. It is what it is.

My old tun has no false bottom so how do I run off the wort? You guessed it. Time to break out the old broccoli steamer. I raise another ~4 gals to ~175 deg F and proceeded to scoop out the mash with a quart sauce pan and pouring in into the broccoli steamer. Good times. Brought me back to my roots.

Went for the one hour boil. Hop additions were 1/2 of each strong at boil, remaining halfs at 30 min. Added the 7% hop at 10 min remaining.

Chilled with wort chiller for half an hour. pitched in the morning.

Started boiling water at noon. Kitchen was clean by 5PM. First time ever brewing without a complementary beverage. I don't every hope to do that again.

While I was enjoying the wonderful aroma of mashing malt she didn't
care to much for it. Then as to boil progressed the hops filled the entire house with heavy doses of piny citrus. For me it is sedating. Four hours in and I am entering a very relaxful calm state. I don't even care it relaxful isn't a real word at this point, this is how I am enjoying the moment.

Will add pics later.


  1. Such a shame beer cannot be sent by internet connection. I would like to taste each post.

  2. You never added pics, you know. - Sky